A TV Special at the Cheers Bar

My wife was very excited about her first trip to Boston. (Having attended college in Boston, I've spent quite a bit of time there and I talk about it more than I probably should. Only a saint could stand to live with me.) She went with a friend and hit all the usual tourist locations. Although not a big fan of the TV series, she felt obligated to go by the Bull & Finch Pub, which was the model for the bar in Cheers. I've been there once...smaller than you'd think...overpriced drinks...a lot of souvenirs.

So she walks in and, lo and behold, the local station that has the syndication rights for Cheers is filming some sort of remote event to honor the series. I guess it was an anniversary or something. There are cameramen, sound men, assistant producers, and host-types prepared to pounce on anyone who walks in the door. Believe it or not, she was one of the only people to come in who was not foreign. She was interviewed by the host-type, she got to sing the theme song, and she generally hung around for hours while they did the show.

She was able to get a few pictures (in between songs), but I don't have any shots from her TV appearances.

The local TV channel cameraman gets in on
the act. What are the chances of walking into a
remote broadcast?

(Click for a larger image.)

What do you do when you need everybody to sing the theme song but they can't remember the words? Cue cards, of course!
(Click for a larger image.)

Believe it or not, everyone in this picture is from a foreign country, except for you-know-who. They wanted to see the "Cheers" bar.
(Click for a larger image.)

Nothing like this ever happens to me when I go to someplace notable.

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